How It Works - Juneberry Box


It's as easy as 1...2...3!

Becoming a Junebug is easy! The below steps summarize all it takes to be one of our awesome subscribers.
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Become a Junebug

Junebugs are able to sign up for 1 of 3 bi-monthly subscription options. Prices start at
just $32 CAD and boxes are sent every other month!


Receive It & Love It!

Boxes are sent out in the third week of every "Box Month". Junebugs will receive
a variety of items such as beauty products, accessories, jewelry, decor,
cooking wear, and more (hey that rhymed)!


Share the #JuneberryLove

We love it when our lovely Junebugs share their Juneberry Box, Juneberry Shop items,
or even an inspriting message on social media! Use hashtag #JuneberryLove for a
chance to be featured.

What are you waiting for? Become a Junebug today!

In addition to a Juneberry Box every two months, Junebugs receive tons of perks and great coupons!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Juneberry Box Subscriptions are mailed out every other month. That totals to 6 times per year!

In each box, you can expect 4-5 full-sized items! Juneberry Box is a 'lifestyle' box, meaning you will receive various themed items that are handpicked to fit in with your lifestyle. Items can range between jewelry, make-up, clothing accessories and more!

Junebugs are our lovely subscribers! Junebugs receive 4-5 full sized products in our Juneberry Box every other month.

We’ve worked hard to keep Juneberry Boxes as affordable as possible! Subscription packages start at just $32 CAD!

We offer 3 awesome subscription plans for you to choose from! The first is our Monthly Subscriber option. With this plan, you will receive a Juneberry Box every two months (and be charged every two months as well). The second plan is our Junebug Trio option, which subscribes you to 3 pre-paid Juneberry Boxes (throughout a span of 6 months). Finally, we offer our Committed Junebug option, which includes 6 pre-paid Juneberry Boxes (throughout a span of 12 months).

The Juneberry Box ships out every two months. We launched in June 2015, so each year, the 'Juneberry Box' months will be: June, August, October, December, February, and April.