How It Works - Juneberry Box

How It Works

How It Works

Juneberry Box is a lifestyle accessory box created for women, by women! Every two months, you will receive 4-5 full sized handpicked items for your enjoyment. Examples of some items you may receive include jewelry, make-up, hair accessories, and other fun surprises! Every box is different, and each one will follow a selected theme. At the beginning of every second month, we will reveal our theme for the month. Unfortunately right now shipping is limited to the United States and Canada

Becoming a Junebug is easy! We offer 3 different subscription plans. Choose to pay every two months, or pre-pay for 3 or 6 boxes right now!

What are you waiting for? Become a Junebug today!


Juneberry Box Subscriptions are mailed out every other month. That totals to 6 times per year! Stay tuned - future plans to increase the frequency of Juneberry Box are in the works.

In each box, you can expect 4-5 full-sized items! Juneberry Box is a 'lifestyle' box, meaning you will receive various items that are handpicked to fit in with your lifestyle. Items can range between jewelry, make-up, clothing accessories and more!

Junebugs are our lovely subscribers! Junebugs receive 4-5 full sized products in our Juneberry Box every other month.

We’ve worked hard to keep Juneberry Boxes as affordable as possible! Subscription packages start at just $24.50 Canadian!

We offer many subscription plans for you to choose from! The first is our Monthly Subscriber package. With this plan, you will receive a Juneberry Box every two months (and be charged every two months as well). If you don't want to commit to always getting a box or would like to pre-pay, we offer other plans as well! The second plan is our Junebug Trio plan, which subscribes you to 3 pre-paid Juneberry Boxes (throughout a span of 6 months). Finally, we offer our Committed Junebug plan, which includes 6 pre-paid Juneberry Boxes (throughout a span of 12 months).

The Juneberry Box schedule is as follows:
- June 2015
- August 2015
- October 2015
- December 2015

And so on!

If you are currently paying for a month to month subscription plan, you may log in to your account and cancel manually. If you are having difficulties, please contact our support team at and we will cancel your subscription for you.

Pre-paid subscription plans are non-refundable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause - but Juneberry Boxes do make great gifts!