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11 Ways to Make Summer 2017 Your Best Yet

Yes, it’s finally here! Warm weather, humidity, and our personal favourite, vacations. It’s June, and that means the summer season is beginning. Have you thought about how you’ll spend the next few months? If you haven’t thought about it yet, don’t worry. We have a great list that we think will provide some inspiration and ways to spend your summer to hopefully make it the best yet.

First, gather inspiration! If you already have some ideas, write them down! Make a list of all the goals you’ve set for yourself this summer. They could be simple, like making time for a beach day or planning a backyard get-together. They could also be more complex, like planning a vacation abroad. The important thought to keep in mind here is you. What would you absolutely love to do or get done this summer? Where would you love to go? Who would you love to see? When you’re deciding on summer plans, try to incorporate some personal goals and some fun activities. With a mixture of both, you’ll feel satisfied knowing that you’ve accomplished the things that have been on your mind, but also enjoyed the season. Stuck for ideas? Try Pinterest! Make a Summer 2017 inspiration board, and Pin away.

Without further ado, here’s our full list of ideas!
  • Plan a Get-Together: Nothing says summer like a BBQ or a dinner party with friends and family. Planning a menu is easier than ever with online resources like Tasty, but if you don’t feel like cooking a full menu, have a potluck!

  • Have a Beach Day: Choose a day and drive to a beach! Beaches are a great place for relaxation and fun. Bring a book, have a drink, and sink your toes into the warm sand.

  • Try Geo-Caching: Have you heard about this trend? Geo-caching is a great activity that sometimes involves hiking and exploration. Download an app or use a website to find targets, and go look for them! This activity is great because it is low cost and fun for everybody.

  • Learn to Cook a New Food or Recipe: Choose a food or a recipe you’ve been eyeing, and make it! Cook your food with somebody else for added fun. Looking for a challenge? Try sushi!

  • Marathon a TV Show or Movie Series: If you have an ever-growing list of TV show recommendations or have just been hearing great things about a series, have a marathon day! Make some snacks and veg out.

  • Go to an Antique Market: An antique market is just like thrift shopping, but with older stuff! Often, you’ll find great deals on beautiful items. With the rustic design trend, these are becoming even more popular. It’s also an enjoyable experience to see what you’ll find!

  • Do a Summer Cleaning: It doesn’t have to be Spring to do a big cleaning. Go through your things and toss what you don’t need! Decluttering has a positive effect – and you’ll feel extra productive after you’re finished.

  • Plan a Short Road Trip: Many think of vacations as flying somewhere far away – but they don’t have to be. Open up TripAdvisor and look at some areas within a few hours of home. You may be surprised at what you find.

  • Try PaintNite: If you have any of these events in your area and haven’t gone yet, try one out! PaintNite is a blast with friends, and you don’t need to know how. Enjoy appetizers and drinks while you all figure it out together.

  • Visit Local Attractions: You’ve heard it before – be a tourist in your own town or city! Visit the attractions that visitors flock to, you may learn something you didn’t know before. This is a great way to find hidden gems and great restaurants.

  • Go Shopping: Take a day for yourself and shop! Make a mental list of the things you need, or simply go to a mall with some friends or family and window shop.

DIY: How To Create Your Own Map Coasters

In August 2016, the Juneberry ‘Travel’ Box was released. As a part of the box contents, a DIY kit was included. This tutorial will cover the necessary steps to create your own map coasters. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

To complete your coasters, you will need:

  • Maps
  • Coasters (they don’t have to be blank, but blank works better!)
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Note: If you are using very thick glue, it is recommended that you mix your glue with a little bit of water prior to this tutorial.

Step 1
To begin, trace your coasters onto your maps using a pencil. Trace as many coaster shapes as you need.

Step 2
Cut out your tracings from the map using scissors until you have an equal amount of map pieces and coasters.

Step 3
Apply a layer of glue using a paintbrush to your coaster (apply to the side that will be facing up), and then carefully place a map piece on top. Press out any bubbles by starting from the center and working your way to the edges.

Step 4
When you’re happy with how the map is placed, apply another layer of glue to the top of your coaster. This will protect the paper from damage. If you are using very thin layers, it is recommended that you apply another after it has dried.

Step 5
Wait until your coaster is completely dry before using! Voila, beautiful map coasters!

Juneberry’s Butterscotch Apple Cookies

Each October Juneberry Box contained this wonderful Butterscotch Apple cookie recipe for Junebugs to enjoy. Try it out for yourself below!


October Theme Reveal: Little Red Riding Hood


This October, Juneberry Box is focusing on Little Red Riding Hood (With an Autumn Twist)! Your box will take you through the journey of Little Red, collecting 5 great items along the way! It’s our best box yet, and we know you’re going to love it!

Free Phone Backgrounds

Who doesn’t love accessorizing their phone with a beautiful background?! Here are some gorgeous downloadable backgrounds for your phone – completely free! Like what you see here? We’ve got gorgeous things for sale in our shop, too! Head on over now.

Click the image to see the full version for download.

Background 3 Background 5 Leaves Background 1 Leaves Background 2


Lucid Dreaming: Controlling Your Dreams

For many, the dreams you have while asleep are very much out of your control. One minute you’re having a pleasant meal with your significant other, and the next thing you know, you’re in that forest behind your old school and a duck is walking towards you. Your mind is working in mysterious ways, weaving a story line that nobody quite understands. All the while, you’re forced to play along, waiting to see what comes next. More info

Listen to the “Dreamers” Spotify Playlist

Recently, we’ve had a some Junebugs suggest a songs that would go well with our Dreamers theme, songs that are about fulfilling your dreams and others that sound mysterious and dreamlike. We took those suggestions, added some of our own dream favorites and voila! We have a Dreamers playlist for you to enjoy!

Listen Now!

Some songs include:

  • Spells – Cannons
  • Bright – Echosmith
  • Sweet Dreams – Beyonce (Queen B <3)
  • Islander – Robyn Sherwell
  • Born to Fly – Sara Evans
  • Roar – Katy Perry
  • & MUCH MORE!

August Theme Reveal: Dreamers


Here at Juneberry Box, we strongly believe in the importance of dreaming. Dreaming has a dual meaning; your dreams at night as you sleep, as well as following your dreams and setting goals in reality. More info

June Box

June Box Reveal: Get Yours Now!

The Juneberry Box for June 2015 followed the theme of ‘In Bloom’. This partially stemmed from our company name, but also is meant as a theme of encouragement for women. We believe in the empowerment of women, and hope to encourage growth and reaching your true potential. As we grow, we hope you’ll all grow with us!

More info

June Theme Reveal: In Bloom

Juneberry Box June 2015 Box Theme Reveal

At the beginning of each box month (every two months), we’ll reveal the theme we used to choose all of the surprises in the box for that month!

In celebration of the launch of Juneberry Box, we decided it would only be fitting to use the theme ‘In Bloom’. For anyone who is unaware, a juneberry is a type of berry that grows in North America. As the Juneberry Box brand grows, we’ll be encouraging our Junebugs (aka subscribers) to grow with us! More info