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Are you in love with Juneberry Box? Willing to spread the word about how awesome it is? We’ve got an amazing opportunity where you can do just that and get awarded for it!

It doesn’t matter if you are a Junebug, a blogger, or anything else, our program is made to reward you for letting others know about Juneberry Box!

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To join the Juneberry Box Affiliate Program, simply scroll down and fill out the contact form below! We'll be in touch soon to give you further instructions.

It is completely free to join! Simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will set up your account!

Each Affiliate Member will receive a personalized coupon code that not only gives your readers, followers, friends and family a discount & free gift when they subscribe, but also helps us track exactly who you've referred!

Once you've been set up as an affiliate, you will receive an account with Juneberry Box where you can login to track and view all orders. Affiliate members will be able to utilize these account features to tracks their progress details. Under your account, a new “order” will be created called Affiliate Program, where all of your referrals will be tracked as well as your payouts.

Yes! We’ve created a secret page that only Juneberry Box Affiliate Members have access to. This page has anything from Logos to banners and more!

That’s the question we’ve been waiting for! Well, it depends on the type of subscription your referee purchases.

1. For each Standard Subscription (bi-monthly), you’ve just earned $5 or 2 JB Points. Great job!
2. For each Junebug Trio Subscription, you earn $7 or 3 JB Points.
3. Finally, for each Committed Junebug Subscription purchased you earn $10 or 4 JB Points.
Note that all prices are in CAD!

Once you've started collecting rewards, you will have the option to cash out at any time, OR cash in your JB points to get free Juneberry Boxes (higher value). Every 6 JB points means a Juneberry Box completely free! Additional information about rewards will be emailed to you upon registration.

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